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CANDIRIA Announce First Show After Van Accident

April 8, 2003

Here’s an official statement via CANDIRIA’s website:

“8 Months after nearly losing their lives in a severe tractor trailer accident, CANDIRIA will make a triumphant return to the New York stage May 5th.

“We chose the venue where CANDIRIA got its start, the club with the most history… CBGB’s,” says CANDIRIA bassist Mike MacIvor. “This is like the beginning of Phase Two of CANDIRIA, and playing at CB’s is like going back to the well.”

The 5 members of CANDIRIA and their tour manager were all seriously injured when travelling in their van last September 9th in Batavia, New York, en route to a show in Ohio. Rear-ended by a tractor trailer going at full speed, the occupants of the van were ejected through the shattered windows of the vehicle as it rolled over several times. Several operations (all suffered many injuries including broken bones) and many hours of physical therapy later, the band is back in fighting form. “We’re going nuts,” says MacIvor, “we’re performers, and we miss it. We miss the dynamic that happens when we play for people and make them happy.” Judging from the mountain of e-mails and cards they’ve received from well-wishers over the past 8 months, as well as the continued healthy sales of their current releases, (The C.O.M.A. Imprint-Lakeshore, 300% Density-Century Media) their fans have been missing CANDIRIA as well.

When news of their return hit the grapevine, many bands vied for the support slots. “We were very flattered by all the bands who wanted to open for us on this show,” says MacIvor, “and we considered it very carefully.” In the end, MacIvor says Brooklyn’s MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD was the band CANDIRIA most wanted as the main support. “Especially for this show. We go way back with M.P.B. to the days of INDECISION and it made sense for them to be with us on this bill.” The second slot is being filled by LOCKED IN A VACANCY. “They are longtime supporters of CANDIRIA, they’re a great band and it was time we put them on a show,” explains MacIvor. The opening band, THE SET UP, is another up and coming band.” John (CANDIRIA guitarist) saw them play and told us about them, now Ken (CANDIRIA drummer) is producing their record."

Doors are at 7pm, the show starts at 7:30. Due to the overwhelming demand for tickets, the band will be posting a link for their fans to buy advance tickets on their website

In other news, CANDIRIA has been furiously writing their next album. MacIvor reports that they are well on their way: “The music is bangin’,” he says, “we’ve been very focused on writing and have the makings of 7 heavy songs.” Those familiar with the band’s past releases will note that along with the usual hip hop and jazz tracks, that’s practically an entire CANDIRIA LP. “We have a long way to go, but we know where we’re going with it and are very excited about how things are sounding. We’re really enjoying playing together again.”

In other CANDIRIA news, the band’s song “Elevate in Madness” off their groundbreaking 1999 LP Process of Self Development (MIA Records) is in a feature film now available on DVD. The movie is called Buddy Boy, it’s a Polanski-esque independent film distributed by Fine Line Features, and was produced by people affiliated with the films Kids and Gummo.

Finally, CANDIRIA members Ken, Mike and John continue to perform with their cohorts in the improvisational effort “GHOSTS OF THE CANAL” (Ghosts of the Canal, Five Episodes from the Subconscious-COMA Imprint/Lakeshore). On April 29th, GHOSTS can be seen in the flesh on April 29th at Shanghai M in Brooklyn, NY."