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Candlelight Records Sign CADAVER and KHOLD

January 19, 2004

Candlelight Records have announced the addition of Norwegian bands CADAVER and KHOLD to the label’s growing worldwide roster.

Norway’s CADAVER, who date back to 1989, released their full-length debut Hallucinating Anxiety via Earache Records in 1990, followed by In Pains in 1992. Growing sales and interest, however, could not hold back the rising interest in black metal thus leading to the eventual demise of CADAVER in 1993. The band eventually reformed in 1999, under the name CADAVER INC., by founding band member Neddo, and they completed their contract with Earache in 2001 by releasing their third album, Discipline. Signing with Candlelight, the band, currently featuring vocalist Apollyon, drummer Czral, bassist LJ Balvaz with guitarist Neddo, dropped “Inc.” and are preparing for the release of their fourth album, Necrosis. The album is confirmed for a US release of April 20.

Meanwhile, KHOLD, who formed in 2000, come to Candlelight with two previous albums recorded to their credit. Masterpiss of Pain and Phantom (Moonfog Productions) both received high accolades via metal magazines and fans worldwide - no doubt initially inspired by interest from the members, including vocalist/guitarist Gard (ex-OLD MAN’S CHILD), drummer Sarke (ex-OLD MAN’S CHILD) and bassist Brandr (RED HARVEST), other band associations. The band has been likened to an “updated BATHORY or DARKTHRONE.” The band are currently completing their label debut, with release expected in May.