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Candlelight Records To Release POSSESSED Tribute

April 15, 2004

Candlelight Records has announced that they will release a tribute to thrash/death metal legends, POSSESSED, entitled, Seven Gates of Horror, on May 18th. The mid-priced recording features many of the biggest names in death metal.

No fan of early thrash and death metal can argue the impact that San Francisco’s POSSESSED had on the genre. Now, well over a decade on, the band’s legacy continues to evolve and grow. Seven Churches, undoubtably a genre best, took the then popular thrash metal style to new levels of intensity and brutality as frontman, Jeff Becerra, became the first to introduce the growling vocal style that would (and continues) to epitomize the death metal genre.

Formed in the early 80’s, POSSESSED released Seven Churches via Combat Records in 1985. They would follow with Beyond the Gates and the five-song EP, The Eyes of Horror, before disbanding several years later. A best of was released, Victims of Death, in 1993.

Of interest to the recording, original POSSESSED vocalist, Jeff Becerra, contributes vocals to Los Angeles-based SADISTIC INTENT’s rendition of fan favorite, “The Exorcist.”

Fallen Angel” - IMPIOUS
Confessions” - CANNIBAL CORPSE
The Beasts of Apocalypse” - PENTACLE
Death Metal” - VADER
No Will to Live” - DIABOLIC
Satan’s Curse” - GOD DETHRONED
Wing of the Ax” - ABSU
Storm in My Mind” - SINISTER
Burning in Hell” - ANGEL CORPSE
Evil Warriors” - KRABATHOR
March to Die” - HOUWITSER
The Eyes of Horror” - AMON AMARTH