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CANNIBAL CORPSE Digital Box Set of Entire Discography Now on iTunes

July 22, 2009

Death metal stalwarts, CANNIBAL CORPSE, have released their entire discography in one digital package on iTunes. The 16 album package contains 196 songs and costs $99.99.

Here’s a list of all the albums included: Eaten Back To Life (12 Tracks) Butchered At Birth (10 Tracks) Tomb Of The Mutilated (10 Tracks) Hammer Smashed Face (3 Tracks) The Bleeding (11 Tracks) Vile (11 Tracks) Gallery Of Suicide (14 Tracks) Bloodthirst (11 Tracks) Live Cannibalism (18 Tracks) Gore Obsessed (11 Tracks) Worm Infested (6 Tracks) The Wretched Spawn (13 Tracks) Kill (13 Tracks) Evisceration Plague (12 Tracks) Bonus Demo Tracks (18 Tracks) Bonus Live Tracks (23 Tracks)

Click here to buy the lot (link opens in iTunes).

CANNIBAL CORPSE are currently in the midst of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival.  Go here for tour dates ane more info: