CAVALERA CONSPIRACY: Debut Album Drops March 25th

Max and Igor Cavalera‘s CAVALERA CONSPIRACY have announced a March 25th release date for their debut album through Roadrunner Records. The band, rounded out by Marc Rizzo (SOULFLY) and Joe Deplantier (GOJIRA), marks the first effort between the ex-SEPULTURA brothers since 1996’s Roots album.

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY‘s album was recorded this past July at Undercity Studios in Los Angeles, with producer Logan Mader (ex-MACHINE HEAD/SOULFLY guitarist). The album will feature 11 tracks including “Inflikted“, “Bloodbrawl“, “Terrorize” (formerly “Holy Poison“), “The Doom of All Fires“, “Ultra-Violent” and “Sanctuary“. A cover of POSSESSED‘s classic song, “The Exorcist,” was also recorded for a possible B-side release.

5 thoughts on “CAVALERA CONSPIRACY: Debut Album Drops March 25th

  1. What we need is a North American tour where they play a lot of Sepultura covers mixed in with their new shit.

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  3. I don’t care that he dont play thrash no more, Max Cavalera is still a god! Only fuckin nu-metal type shit I could stand was Soulfly and a bit of Deftones. Shit, this album’s set to release 2 days before my B-day, so here’s to hopin’ the Cavalera’s got back to some fuckin’ old-school sounds!

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