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Century Media To Release Latest From CHILDREN OF BODOM , NIGHTWISH

July 5, 2003

Following a fierce label bidding war, Century Media Records will release CHILDREN OF BODOM’s latest album Hatecrew Deathroll in North America. The band have sold a total of 40,000 copies of their three full length albums (on Nuclear Blast Records) in North America. They have sold over 400,000 albums worldwide.

Century Media will also release the acclaimed, Century Child album by Finnish neo-classical act, NIGHTWISH. With the astounding success of the band’s licensed discography (Angels Fall First, Oceanborn, and Wishmaster) in North America through Century Media (over 25,000 albums sold in North America alone, with worldwide sales exceeding 750,000 copies), Century Child will further solidify the band’s following in the Western hemisphere.

Both albums are scheduled for a September 23rd release.