CEPHALIC CARNAGE were recently robbed while on tour with DYING FETUS in Tulsa, OK. Here’s a statement from the band:

“While CEPHALIC CARNAGE were getting their van repaired in Tulsa, OK on Tuesday, November 20, 2007, we were robbed.

“A backpack containing the recent earnings from the tour (close to $4000.00), a laptop computer with over $2000.00 in music software programs loaded, an iPod and various personal items were among the items stolen. We immediately called the police and suspected that an employee grabbed the backpack in the process of getting the work done.

“The police came and took a written statement. The authorities suspected that it was an inside job as well but could not prove anything at that point. It is still under investigation but as of yet they still have not recovered the property or money.

“This could not have come as at a worst time as we were looking to use earnings from this tour to help cover the upcoming holiday expenses for our kids and families. As you might expect we are extremely upset as this tour was doing very well for us (both financially and morale wise).

“Despite this major setback the band is still continuing on with the DYING FETUS tour until the end. Our hopes are that we will be able to break even on this tour and not have to reach into our pockets to cover travel expenses, merch costs etc. We are looking for any type of assistance from our fans to help us through this difficult scenario.

“Any donation of any amount will be absolutely appreciated. If you cannot do anything at this time then please try to make it out to our remaining shows on this tour and support us that way.

“In spite of everything we are having a great time with DYING FETUS and the crowd support and response that we have been getting on each and every show has been astounding.”

Donations to help the band can be made through their MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/cephaliccarnage

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