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Classic CARCASS Reissues with Original Artwork

December 26, 2002

Following the recent vinyl reissues of classic CARCASS albums by Earache Records, the label has reissued the first two CARCASS albums on CD with their original artwork. Reek of Putrefaction and Symphonies of Sickness will finally see a proper release on CD with the original gory, banned cover art (which were detained back in 1992). Earache founder Digby Pearson recalls the “bust”:

“Fifteen cops with sledgehammers and billy clubs busted into the office and smashed most of the cabinets on the lookout for ‘obscene’ material. No exaggeration, it was fuckin insane. No charges were forthcoming but the incident was widely reported in the press and anti-censorship campaigners took it up also. There is actually a college course on censorship nowadays in the UK that mentions the incident as an example of police heavy handedness in the attempted censorship of art - so these sleeves are educational!”

The reissues are out now in the US and will be available in Europe in the spring.