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Cliff Burton Tribute in Kansas on September 26th

August 26, 2006

In respect to the 20th anniversary of his untimely death in 1986, metal disc jockey Drewcifer (creator of the classic metal show “The Vault” and soon-to-be new host of “The Pit” on KMKF 101.5 FM) will be hosting a Cliff Burton Tribute Night at the local rock club PJ’s Pub in Manhattan, Kansas on September 26th. Entitled “Cliff ‘Em All Again,” the tribute will feature Cliff-era METALLICA music and memorabilia all night including many live and rare recordings from his personal collection over the years. Classic METALLICA trivia and raffle giveaways, as well as personal accounts and stories from fans and patrons, can also be expected. Drewcifer comments”¦

“I can’t believe that no one in the Metal media has yet to mention the upcoming 20th anniversary of Cliff’s death. It’s sad really, because his passing still lingers with the older fans of the band and heavy metal in general, and no one has been able display talent like his since.”

Cliff Burton died on September 27th, 1986 in the infamous black ice bus accident in Sweden while METALLICA were en route from Stockholm to Copenhagen, Denmark supporting Master of Puppets. Memorial services were held in his hometown of Castro Valley, CA on October 7th, 1986.

“I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news that day, and my friends actually didn’t believe me when I tried to spread the word. I was a junior in high school and had been into METALLICA for years already, it was quite a blow at the time and the wound has never fully healed with many fans. His death was as much of a shock at the time as Dimebag’s in 2004, and every bit as undeserved. The Major Rager On The 4-string Motherfucker will always live on in the hearts of die-hard metal fans.”

You can view the event flier at this location: