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CRYPTOPSY: Original Vocalist Rejoins The Band

December 6, 2003

Original vocalist, Lord Worm, has rejoined CRYPTOPSY following the recent departure of vocalist Martin Lacroix. Lord Worm posted the following message on the band’s official website:

“‘Un mal pour un bien’, I’ve heard it said, and those seven long years ago, unhappy though I was at leaving (for a private question of honour, not beer), it was none the less for the best. Now, we’ve come full circle, and again a private question of honour finds me back in the fold. ‘It is so. It cannot be otherwise.’ See you soon…”

Lord Worm originally departed in 1997 having last recorded with the band on their 1996 classic None So Vile. He was then replaced by Mike DiSalvo who went onto record two albums with CRYPTOPSY, Whisper Supremacy and And Then You’ll Beg. Martin Lacroix’s brief stint with the band saw him contribute to the band’s live album, None So Live, before his eventual departure.