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Dan Swanö Announces Plans On New NIGHTINGALE Album And More

March 13, 2005

Dan Swanö is set to begin the mixing process for the new NIGHTINGALE album and has also announced plans for working on the new PROJECT HATE, SECOND SKY, and ANOTHER LIFE albums on his official forum:

“I am about to begin the mixdown of the Nightfall Overture album today. As usual, I haven’t been “pro” enough during the tracking, so I spend a lot of time correcting stuff that should have been done when recording (like tuning errors and shit). I hope to find it in me to complete the mixes before Thursday so the album will be ready for the European tour that begins in about a month. The cover artwork is ready and once again Guyla H. proves to be the new Dan Seagrave.

“After the NIGHTINGALE album is ready, I will dive right into the mixing of the upcoming THE PROJECT HATE album. It feels good to be back with Mr. K and hopefully I can match the stuff he did with Miezsko (R.I.P.) after that I will mix the debut album from the American band EDEN’S FALL and do my best to match their Andy Sneap/Neil Kernon needs.

“I have received a lot of critical acclaim for my work with NOVEMBERS DOOM (please buy the album ??” it rules a lot!!) and I feel that I am really on a roll with the mixing stuff again. I also remixed a track on the upcoming PAIN single “Bye/Die.” Apparently the radio stations tend to play my remix just as much as the original version!!!!

“On a more personal level, I have been struggling with my compulsive eating disorder and managed to lose a lot of weight in the process and I am now a proud member of “the 80 something” family. This morning I wore my “reference pair of jeans” and managed to sit down…still a few more kgs to go before I can wear them in everyday life, but I am going there and it feels great. It does a lot for my self-esteem and I look forward to the increased “movability” on stage!!! And after that ??” as usual ??” the SECOND SKY album!!! I know it will rule once I enter the session of no return. I if I live thru the process of making that album, it will be the best thing I have ever been a part of, and might resign after that (or not…).

“Once the SECOND SKY album is ready (and I am out of the hospital) I will work with ANOTHER LIFE again, and it will be coolness as usual!! And then?? Well, that will be around 2006, so then it is time for another NIGHTINGALE studio album. I have planned a mega epic called Carpe Diem that will see the whole band co-writing and then a few shorter pieces, hopefully an English version of one of my favourite songs of all time from my brothers pen ??” “Tills Stormen Är Över” ??” I have no idea whatsoever what the title will be in English. There is also an idea to try a coverversion of an often overlooked, more aggressive UNICORN classic called “Yellow & Greg.” It could work within the context of the upcoming album, because we plan to expand the NIGHTINGALE sound horizon even further into heavier ??" proggier ??" lighter ??" softer ??" darker ??" fatter ??" thinner…..and most of all more EPIC!!!!"