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DARK FUNERAL Find Replacement for Vacated Guitarist Slot

March 4, 2003

Sweden’s DARK FUNERAL have finally found a guitarist to replace the not-so-recently departed Dominion after months of auditions. However, the band won’t reveal who the replacement is just yet. According to the band’s website, “we finally have found the ‘right’ guy for the job…but there’s really no hurry to reveal his name as of yet, but we will give you all a full presentation on him shortly.”

In the meantime, mainman Lord Ahriman will be rehearsing with the new guitarist for some late spring/autumn shows, while drummer Matte Modin is out on the road touring with his other band DEFLESHED.

Lord Ahriman also noted that the band are indeed making plans for a new full-length album. While they are still in the early stages of writing new material, they expect to full delve into the songwriting process in the summer.