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DARK FUNERAL Slays Stockholm with 20th Anniversary Show

May 5, 2014

Swedish black metal legends DARK FUNERAL celebrated their 20th anniversary with a very special show this past Saturday in their hometown of Stockholm, Sweden.  The band performed with vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula and bassist B-Force along with special appearances by former members, vocalist Themgoroth, guitarist Dominion, guitarist Typhos and drummer Gaahnfaust.

Band leader/guitarist Lord Ahriman issued a statement about the show on their Facebook page.

Here is the excellent setlist (Yes, they played the entire Dark Funeral EP):

  1. The Secrets Of The Black Arts” 2. “The Dawn No More Rises” 3. “When Angels Forever Die” 4. “Bloodfrozen” 5. “The Fire Eternal” 6. “Satan’s Mayhem” 7. “Dark Are The Paths To Eternity” 8. “The Arrival Of Satan’s Empire” 9. “Attera Totus Sanctus” 10. “Goddess Of Sodomy” 11. “Enriched by Evil” (with Typhos) 12. “666 Voices Inside” 13. “In My Dreams” 14. “An Apprentice Of Satan” (with Dominion & Gaahnfaust) === 15. “Open The Gates” (with Themgoroth) 16. “Shadows Over Transylvania” (with Themgoroth) 17. “My Dark Desires” (with Themgoroth) 18. “In The Sign of the Horns” (with Themgoroth) === 19. “Vobiscum Satanas” 20. “My Funeral

Here is some live footage of the show: