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DARK SUNS To Make Their Prophecy Production Debut Next Year

October 29, 2004

Dark metal newcomers, DARK SUNS, will make their Prophecy Productions debut with their new album, Existence, which is due out next year. The atmosphere of their self-released debut, Swanlike (2002), has been compared to KATATONIA and OPETH. Existence will deal in depth with “the very essence of human existence: its soul, its feelings and the conciousness about the the fragility of its own being. A musical intense labyrinth with a constant but subtle presence of melancholy…” Check out the band’s website for more info.

Existence tracklist:
A Slumbering Portrait
The Euphoric Sense
Her and the Element
You, A Phantom Still
Gently Bleeding
Abiding Space
Patterns of Oblivion
One Endless Childish Day