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DARK TRANQUILLITY Check In From Studio Fredman

March 12, 2004

DARK TRANQUILLITY are currently in the famed Studio Fredman finishing up their follow-up to 2002’s Damage Done. Vocalist, Mikael Stanne, posted the following studio report on the band’s official website:

“We are nearing the completion of this our seventh album. Anders [Jivarp] has been true to form and blasted his way through the songs with surgical precision as usual. Michael [Nicklasson] laid down some bass devastation the other day with furious gut-deforming lows and ear-denying highs as a result.

Martin [Henriksson] and Niklas [Sundin] have shredded above and beyond the call of duty once more with the rhythm guitars and are ready to further cast their spells in the form of leads and solos this week. Martin B[rändström] is at the moment locked away at an undisclosed location brewing up potions of electronic wizardry, soon to be combined into a most volatile mix of metal.

“Myself, I have been shackled in the vocal booth for most of this week and I will remain there for a few more days. We couldn´t be more satisfied with the way things are going and cannot wait to inflict our pain onto others.

“Things are looking dark, and we love it.”

Check out some photos of their recording sessions here.