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DARK TRANQUILLITY: The Gallery, The Mind's I To Be Reissued

January 19, 2004

DARK TRANQUILLITY have confirmed that their landmark releases, The Gallery (1995) and The Mind’s I (1997), will be given deluxe reissue treatments via Century Media Records in the US and Osmose Productions in Europe. The reissues will feature new layouts and a smattering amount of hard-to-find bonus material. The band commented on the reissues:

“During the years, we’ve been all too aware of the lack of availability of our earlier material in the US, and we’ve heard from a lot of people about how hard and frustrating it is to have to track down expensive import versions of the older albums in order to get the DARK TRANQUILLITY collections complete.

“We got so much positive response from old and new fans when Century Media licenced the Skydancer (1993) album for the US territory a couple of years ago, so it feels great to finally have The Gallery and The Mind’s I enjoying proper stateside distribution as well.”

Tracklistings and release dates will be posted in the near future.