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DARK TRANQUILLTY To Release Double Album of Rarities

February 19, 2004

DARK TRANQUILLITY celebrates its 15th birthday by releasing a double CD featuring rare and previously unreleased material entitled, Exposures - In Retrospect And Denial. The release date is set for May 31st via Century Media Records in Europe with international release dates to be announced shortly. The collection will be released for “the fair deal of a Single-Disc price.”

Here is the lowdown straight from the band’s official site:

“For many years, we’ve received lots of questions regarding the possibility of our pre-album material ever being released on CD, and we’re very happy to provide old and new fans that are interested in the first chapter of our history with a viable alternative to forking out a small fortune on Ebay for a worn-out original copy of the demo or 7” EP.

“After a lot of digging though the vaults, the original DAT tapes for our Trail Of Life Decayed demo (1991) and A Moonclad Reflection EP (1992) were found, and we could happily note that they were intact and had survived the ten years in limbo remarkably well. With the help of some carefully executed mastering magic, the sound quality has been boosted a great deal.

“In addition, we have the pleasure of including a couple of songs that were recorded during the studio sessions for our last three albums. Some of these tracks, like “Exposure” and “Cornered”, have until now only been available on limited edition versions of the albums, while some others, like “Static”, “No One” and “In Sight”, are previously unheard by anyone outside the immediate band circle.

“As a special treat, we’re also including a second disc with more than 70 minutes of live songs (the audio portion of the recently released Live Damage DVD. Enjoy!

Exposures…” comes packaged with an extensive 20-page booklet filled to the rim with exclusive photos from all stages of the band’s career as well as liner notes from noted music journalist Chris Dick, a initiated long-time observer of the scene.”

Exposures - In Retrospect And Denial 2-CD full track listing:

DISC 1 (Rare Material):
01. Static
02. The Poison Well
03. Misery In Me
04. Cornered
05. In Sight
06. No-One
07. Exposure
08. Yesterworld
09. Unfurled By Dawn
10. Midwinter/Beyond Enlightenment
11. Vernal Awakening
12. Void Of Tranquillity

DISC 2 (Live Material):
01. The Wonders At Your Feet
02. The Treason Wall
03. Hedon
04. White Noise/Black Silence
05. Haven
06. Punish My Heaven
07. Monochromatic Stains
08. Indifferent Suns
09. Format C: For Cortex
10. Insanity’s Crescendo
11. Hours Passed In Exile
12. The Sun Fired Blanks
13. Damage Done
14. Lethe
15. Not Built To Last
16. ThereIn
17. Zodijackyl Light
18. Final Resistance
19. Ex Nihilo