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DARK TRANQUILLTY: Tour Report from Korea; Live Video of New Song

September 22, 2006

DARK TRANQUILLITY have posted a report from their current tour in Korea:

“Finally got some time out of the hectic schedule to issue a website update from the luxurious bar of our hotel in Korea. The tour has been a truly phenomenal experience so far, and we want to extend a huge ‘THANKS!’ to the all the awesome people that made the shows in Japan and Australia so successful.

“After traveling for 24 hours straight, via three different flights, we’ve finally arrived to Seoul and spent some quality seightseeing time visiting the 63 building and the War memorial of Korea before getting some well-needed rest for the first time in two weeks. Hence, tonight’s show at the Rolling hall is bound to be a massive energy explosion that will leave no-one unaffected.

“Speaking of Korea, the fine people at Dope entertainment have issued a re-release of Character to coincide with our gigs here. The new version features the “Lost to Apathy” and “The New Build” video clips.

“Tip of the day: If you’re a fan of technical/progressive bands like ATHEIST and CYNIC, check out the excellent ALARUM, who supported us on the Sydney and Melbourne dates.

“Btw…we played some new stuff in Australia. In the words of the BLACK EYED PEAS: Check it out!”

The “new stuff” they speak of can be checked out here:

DARK TRANQUILLITY also recently announced that they will be recording their forthcoming newalbum at Studio Fredman and Rogue Music in Sweden. Mixing will be handled by Danish producer Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED) at his Antfarm studio. Some songtitles to appear on the forthcoming effort include “Blind at Heart”, “The Lesser Faith”, “InsignifiCunt” and ““The Plunge