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August 27, 2003

DARKEST HOUR and ATREYU, who are currently out on tour togehter with GOD FORBID, UNDEROATH, were robbed on Thursday, August 21st. DARKEST HOUR posted the following notice on their official website:

“To dispel any rumors that might be floating around about the DARKEST HOUR robbery, here is the situation: On Thursday, August 21 our van was broken into outside of Club Rockitt, in Toronto, Canada. The person or persons smashed our windows and went through all our bags during the show. They stole the band safe and all our cash, not just travel cash, but money we owed to many people who work hard for us, including T-shirt companies, our soundman, our booking agent, and various record labels (ATREYU’s van was also broken into and they lost some personal items as well). Any band or person who has been on tour will tell you that carrying money on you is a risk that everyone has to take. That being said, this is probably one of the hardest things we as a band have ever had to deal with. When you live on tour you count on that money for survival. We can’t thank enough the other bands on the tour (ATREYU, GOD FORBID, UNDEROATH) for all their help and donations. With out them we would not be able to finish the tour or even begin to drag our selves out of the serious debt we are now in. We also want to thank the tons of kids who have been donating at the shows. Please continue to come out and give us your support!”