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DARKTHRONE Turn Down Music Award Nomination

December 17, 2004

Legendary black metal band, DARKTHRONE, nominated in the metal category for the highly coveted Norwegian Alarm Awards last Wednesday, has now been removed from the list of nominees.

DARKTHRONE, one of five candidates in the metal category for their latest album, Sardonic Wrath, communicated their dissatisfaction at being nominated in an article published in Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, the day after the selected names were released to the public.

“We play real and honest black metal,” drummer Fenriz commented in the article. “And we have no interest in being part of the glitter and showbiz side of the music industry.”

Alarm Awards’ chief, Svein Bjørge, was surprised by the band’s reaction but hasted to find a solution that culminated in the band’s elimination from the category altogether.

On hearing the news that their wish had been granted, Fenriz commented, “I just wanted to say my piece about the whole Alarm nomination thing last week and whether they kept us in or not would have been no skin off my nose.”

“I have everything AGAINST awards for black metal," Nocturno Culto (vocals, guitar, bass) added.

“What a fucking circus this has become. I am not against awards in general,” Fenriz concluded. “I just thought it was not for us.”