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DARKTHRONE's Sardonic Wrath To Be Released Early 2005

September 26, 2004

The new DARKTHRONE album, Sardonic Wrath, is set for a January 25th, 2005 release date via The End Records. Sardonic Wrath is “an explosive work of regression embedded with the original, solid black metal vitality that this legendary band is renowned for.”

“This album is inspired by the same things as the previous albums” explains Nocturno Culto (vocals, guitar, bass). “I’ve always wanted to create those killers riffs and that is what makes me do this after all these years,” continues Fenriz (drums). “I have no control over what became of black metal after ‘92 / ‘93 so DARKTHRONE gives me the opportunity to create my own ugliness. I let everyone dress up whilst I dress down, basically.”

DARKTHRONE lyrics have also accrued more importance within the band’s creative process. “DARKTHRONE is very much 50% music and 50% lyrics,” offers Nocturno Culto. “If DARKTHRONE’s music is not evolving, then the lyrics certainly are,” elaborates Fenriz. “But I never discuss my lyrics. It’s like if you put up a barbed-wire fence. You don’t really go over to probe it afterwards.”

The hatred of Christianity, a major source of inspiration for the band over the years, is furthermore defined by the artwork on this album. Created by Italian artist, Lorenzo Mariani, Sardonic Wrath portrays a flock of corpse-painted, sword brandishing angels diving onto a sea of lifeless mortals. “The hatred of religion is what still inspires me," confirms Nocturno Culto. “Christians have destroyed Norway and I just cannot let it go.”

Sardonic Wrath is dedicated to the memory of BATHORY’s Quorthon. “Quorthon is and was the most influential person in black metal,” Fenriz explains. “He bridged rock ’n’ roll Black Metal to evil and majestic black metal. He was the founder of the trademarked black metal vocals as well as the ‘COLD’ Black Metal sound which most die-hard fans took heed of.”

Sardonic Wrath tracklisting:
Order Of The Ominous
Information Wants To Be Syndicated
Sjakk Matt Jesu Krist
Straightening Sharks In Heaven
Alle Gegen Alle
Man Tenker Sitt
Sacrificing To The God Of Doubt
Hate Is The Law
Rawness Obsolete