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Deathwish Inc. To Release SOME GIRLS Debut CD

September 23, 2003

SOME GIRLSAll My Friends Are Going Death, scheduled to be released November 4th on Deathwish Inc., is comprised of The Rains 7" (Deathwish 2002) and The Blues 7" (Deathwish 2003), as well as their demo sessions (self-released 2001) and brand new material.

All songs have been carefully remixed and remastered by engineer Paul Miner (DEATH BY STEREO). Fifteen songs in all, this collection gives the subtle hints of genius in SOME GIRLS previous work a cohesive new home. Vinyl LPs for All My Friends… will also be available from Gravity Records.

SOME GIRLS have managed to turn the hardcore/punk world on its head with the release of two 7"s and a few live performances. This may have something to do with SOME GIRLS being comprised of a cast of members including Wes Eisold (GIVE UP THE GHOST/AN), Rob Moran (UNBROKEN, OVER MY DEAD BODY), and Justin Pearson (THE LOCUST, SWING KIDS) among their collective line-up. Each member brings their own approach and past musical history to the table, creating the SOME GIRLS unique personality and genuine character.