DECAPITATED Looking for New Members

DECAPITATED guitarist Vogg has made the decision to continue the band and is looking for a new drummer to replace his brother Witek, and vocalist Covan, who remains hospitalized following their tragic van accident. Here is what Vogg had to say:

“Hello everyone

“I was thinking about that for a long time and it’s really hard decision for me, but I have decided to continue this band and keep DECAPITATED alive. I know it will be not the same anymore but I want to try and I’m sure Witek and Covan will support me and will be happy about that

“So I want to say that:

“If anybody from drummers and vocalists feel that they can continue what Witek and Covan did and put all power, energy and live time for this band – contact me- [email protected]

“Everyone who is interested, please prepare this tracks:

day 69

post organic

invisible control

long desired dementia

“and send it as audiovideo format


3 thoughts on “DECAPITATED Looking for New Members

  1. It just won’t be the same. Why not make a new band with a new name?? It’s not like Death Metal fans don’t know who Vogg is, right?

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