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DEICIDE: Mark 6.6.06 On Your Calendars

February 15, 2006

Satan’s favorite band DEICIDE have declared 6.6.06 the release date for their upcoming album on Earache Records. The album, titled The Stench of Redemption, is tentatively set for release on the date that coincides with the mark of the beast. The album is currently in the preliminary stages as the band are gearing up to enter the studios with Jim Morris of Morris Sound. The band have demoed 10 songs which Glen Benton is locked away preparing his signature twisted lyrics to coincide with the brutally heavy tracks. This album marks the bands first recorded album with an all-new line-up who has been igniting audiences so far. The two-guitar attack of DEICIDE now comprises of Jack Owen of CANNIBAL CORPSE fame and Ralph Santolla of ICED EARTH and DEATH fame. The band are very excited to release this album, as Glen Benton has reported that this is one of the best death metal albums in years. Initially, Benton reported that the album had Earache head, Digby Pearson, banging his head and jumping up and down like a young metalhead.

The band are currently preparing for a South American stint that will send the band through 6 countries at a light-speed rate. DEICIDE is excited to reach their South American fans that have always gone crazy for the bands performances in the past. Following the release of The Stench of Redemption a full European tour is planned. Continue to check for details as they appear.

Check out the band’s all new site for their new upcoming album here.