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Details on Florida Magic Fest 2004 Announced

April 1, 2004

In order to take Florida’s Magic Fest to the next level, Eulogy Recordings has stepped in to organize the event this year. With arguably the best lineup to date, Magic Fest 2004 will include the likes of YOUTH OF TODAY, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, A LIFE ONCE LOST, MARTYR AD, WALLS OF JERICHO, EMBRACE TODAY, EVERGREEN TERRACE, BURY YOUR DEAD, CASEY JONES, THE JUDAS CRADLE, IF HOPE DIES, ALL THAT REMAINS, PREMONITIONS OF WAR, WITH HONOR, RAG MEN, DESPERATE MEASURES, UNTIL THE END, and many more. In addition, Magic Fest will be held June 12th and 13th at Spanky’s in Downtown West Palm Beach, FL (and not Orlando as in the past).

For those seeking more details about Magic Fest 2004, visit: