Devin Townsend Side Project CASUALTIES OF COOL Reaches 412% of Crowd Funding Goal

Devin Townsend recently launched a campaign on to fund a new side project called CASUALTIES OF COOL.  The project is country and blues with that distinctly Devin Townsend spaced out atmosphere.  As of now, the project has reached 412% of its crowd funding goal.  Pretty awesome.

Here is how he describes the project:

“…CASUALTIES OF COOL has been something I’ve been working on for years, a real passion project. Not since Ocean Machine (my first record) have I had the opportunity to do music for the sheer sake of the love of it. It represents a fair bit to me. I have collaborated with some amazing people on it, Che Aimee (singer on my album Ki) Morgan Ågren (Drummer extraordinaire from THORDENDAL, ZAPPA, LASWELL etc) Jessica Cope (brilliant animator,) Jørgen Munkeby, Kat Epple, The Swedish Sångkraft choir, a string section… a ton of brilliant artists.

“It’s not a metal album, nor is it meant to be a statement about my interest in metal. It’s a side project from my work with DTP, Ziltoid and my touring band. I love that music, and always will…this is something different. This is something that I would write late at night while working on other projects as sort of a ’release’…a way to make music for myself, without pressure from ANYONE to do things a certain way. It’s an independent release, and it’s dark, quiet, and special. The project has been extensive, and in the coming weeks I will fill you in on the multitudes of things done over the course of its creation, and the truly awesome items that we have found a way to offer and represent the final music and visuals…”

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