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September 9, 2004

DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE, the project featuring Blakkheim (a.k.a. Anders Nyström of KATATONIA), has been laid to rest. Blakkheim posted the following notice on the band’s official website:

Blakkheim has decided to put his solo project, DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE to rest. Despite the commencement of a combined composing/recording process of a fifth album last year, the utterly slow progress along with the lack of updates sustained the very worst fear; the spirits didn’t come to him this time. Maybe or maybe not, everyone knows how big role the spirits have had on the completion of the former albums and without even a spark of their presence it wasnt possible to move forward with the fifth album. Blakkheim along with his longtime musical/technical collaborator Dan Swanö, made four albums between 1995-2001 under the DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE monicker, all which represents their own defined moment in time.”