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DJERV Post New Video for "Headstone"

June 2, 2012

Norway’s DJERV have posted the new video for “Headstone” online.  The song is off the band’s latest album, Djerv.

Drummer Erlend Gjerde commented: “The ‘Headstone’ video is a project we’ve been thinking about for a long time. It was actually going to be the first video of the album a year back, but we just weren’t able to put all the pieces together at that point. Our friend and long-time collaborator Jørn Veberg, who has also shot our band pics and previous video, had the basic idea, but he needed a co-director to create some of the 3D animations. In January we finally found Colin McMahon, and from there on it was nothing but laughs. We met up and drank way too much beer and decided we wanted to do a Horror Zombie Movie. The actual shooting for us in the band took just a couple of hours; the real work is to be credited to Jørn and Colin. Now we just hope people enjoy it!"

Check out the great song and excellent video below: