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DOOMRIDERS Join The Deathwish Affiliated Family

December 16, 2004

Deathwish Inc. is proud to announce that DOOMRIDERS have joined the Deathwish affiliated family.

DOOMRIDERS are comprised of a stellar lineup featuring Nate Newton (CONVERGE, OLD MAN GLOOM), along with Jebb Riley (THERE WERE WIRES, DISAPPEARER), Chris Pupecki (CAST IRON HIKE), and Chris Bevalaqua (HALLRAKER). DOOMRIDERS’ wall of sound is the bastard child of classic rock, death n’ roll and raging skate rock. With a majority of their songs skate-inspired, they push forth with a heaviness that brings to mind later era ENTOMBED and INTEGRITY, while their raw punk bursts conjure memories of the legendary JFA.

This winter, DOOMRIDERS will enter Godcity Studios with Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE) to record their new album to be released on Deathwish Inc. in early 2005.

The following MP3s from the band’s “DEMOn” recording session are available for download: “Fuck This Shit” and “Ride Or Die.”