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DORNENREICH Break Five Year Silence With Hexenwind

October 20, 2005

Nearly five years after the release of Her von welken Nächten, DORNENREICH will release their long-announced new album, Hexenwind, on November 18th, 2005. Content-wise, this new work will see a mystical deepening of Her von welken Nächten and the track, “Reime faucht der Märchensarg.” While the atmosphere of Hexenwind is essentially melancholic, hypnotic, and measured, musically you could describe it as the total opposite of the quick-tempered and eternally young album, Her von welken Nächten. What Evíga is whispering in our ear in the track, “Zu Träumen wecke sich, wer kann” can be considered as the essence of Hexenwind: Exercise in fantasy, make use of the ancient art. The new album will be released as a CD and as a limited digipak CD (with silver embossing) on the Prophecy Productions.