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DOWNPOUR Forced to Change Name

June 17, 2003

Atlanta’s DOWNPOUR, on the heels of finishing their forthcoming album for Deathwish, have been contacted by another band of the same name who owns the “Downpour” trademark. They have been advised to change their name prior to releasing their album. Much like the recent situations with AMERICAN NIGHTMARE and BLACK WIDOWS (who changed their names to GIVE UP THE GHOST and BLACK CROSS respectively), the band is complying with the request. As soon as the new name is confirmed it will be announced. ?????? 888 ????

In the meantime, the band is finishing up the writing process for the upcoming album entitled, Call Me Armageddon, to be released on Deathwish later this fall. The band is also still planning on recording a split with BLACK CROSS, to be released on Deathwish at some point in the future.