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June 21, 2003

The band formerly known as DOWNPOUR released this statement concerning their name today:

“Our new name is THEPOWER&THEGLORY. We chose the name because of the variety of connotations and references the name carries. At the forefront of our thinking we like the use of ironic religious language. The passages in the Bible that report on ’the power and the glory’ of the second coming mention heaven and earth shaking and falling into utter turmoil. The sun and the stars cease to give light and madness ensues. Excluding all the jive-ass nonsense about salvation, heaven and hell we like the imagery of these passages and see a connection to our musical stylings and lyrical subject matter.

“Also the name touches on the ugliness and the cynicism of our lives that we so often write about and reflect upon in our songs. Depending on perspective and context the name can suggest perseverance through adversity or dejectedness due to seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We know it is a STARS AND STRIPES song and we are comfortable with that, our personal favorites in that genre are the ANTI-HEROES but somehow ALL HAIL SANTA didn’t fit. It is also a Phil Ochs song and a Graham Greene novel. Now THEPOWER&THEGLORY is the name of of our band.”