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Drummer Faust Quits DISSECTION

December 10, 2003

Bård “Faust” Eithun (ex-EMPEROR) has amicably split with DISSECTION. Faust reportedly met with DISSECTION mastermind, Jon Nödtveidt, and disclosed that he has been tense about what impression the whole deal with DISSECTION would do to him in practice and that he has come to the conclusion that he can’t stand behind and live up to the demands of DISSECTION’s Satanic concept.

Faust, who admitted to not initially realizing how strong the Satanic influence on DISSECTION was, explained that the problem of him not being able to stand behind the band’s Satanic ideology and that it has no practical meaning in his life: “My relation to Dissection is simply musical. The problem occurs when the band takes form more as a cult where there are rules for behavious and strict codes.”

Nödtveidt followed with his statement: “There are only two alternatives for us; doing DISSECTION wholeheartedly and with complete devotion, or not at all. I don’t ask from anyone to be anything else than himself, but if a member of the band isn’t capable of living up to the ideology and giving the band his full and wholehearted dedication, then I see no other option than us going separate ways, really. I can only show Faust my appreciation for being open and honest about it at an early stage, because now we can go on and look for someone who is right for the band before we record our forthcoming album. I further wish Faust the best of luck for the future.”

As a result, DISSECTION is currently looking for a permanent drummer who is “just right for the band, musically and ideologically.”