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Duncan Patterson Leaving ANTIMATTER

June 25, 2005

Duncan Patterson has announced a wish to move away from ANTIMATTER after the release of the band’s forthcoming new album, Planetary Confinement (out July 26th). He will be focusing his energies on his new project ÍON. As for ANTIMATTER, Mick Moss will continuer the project with a new album for 2006 entitled, Leaving Eden, with ANATHEMA’s Daniel Cavanagh.

Patterson comments on his departure: “I have decided that Planetary Confinement is to be my departing ANTIMATTER album. This is for my own personal reasons, (per·son·al - adj. Concerning a particular person and his or her private business, interests, or activities; intimate: “I have something personal to tell you”), and nothing to do with anyone else. Feel free to gossip and start rumours though, it will help us sell more CDs and that.

“Good luck to Mick, and thanks to the many people who have helped and supported us for the past seven years. I’m moving on with a new project ÍON, for which I have a deal with Equilibrium Music. Anyone who is interested in my future releases etc. can check for regularly updated news. Grá”

Later this year, the official ANTIMATTER website, will release a 4-track virtual video EP recorded before a live audience during ANTIMATTER’s 2003 tour. The following tracks are set to appear on the release: “The Last Laugh”, “Over Your Shoulder”, “Going Nowhere/Destiny” and “Empty”.