EARLY MAN have regretfully been forced to cancel their tour with VALIENT THORR due to an injury sustained by frontman, Mike Conte.  He released the following statement:

“Unfortunately due to an arm/back injury that I suffered after our last tour we have had to cancel all of our tour dates this month with VALIENT THORR so I can get some much needed rest. We will hit the road again after this month and all summer long in support of our new full length which will come out this summer. The record is called Death Potion, I actually had a chance to hear a couple mastered versions of the new songs earlier today for the first time and they sound amazing. This record is clearly a new level for us as a band and I can’t wait to take these songs out on the road. We will see you all soon”

In other news, Conte has been ranting, raving, answering questions, and keeping the public up-to-date on his and EARLY MAN‘s debauchery in a regular column over on our friends’ site, MetalSucks.net.

“With this column,” explains Conte, “I plan to give [readers] weekly updates and a behind the scenes look into everything that is going on in the world of EARLY MAN, whether it be drinking, touring, recording, drinking, shredding, drinking, etc., if it’s happening I’ll be writing about it. What I won’t be doing with this column is writing 9 page essays about the ‘current state of the metal scene’ or ‘my take on the new METALLICA record’ or any other boring crap like that. Don’t you get enough of that horseshit already? WHO FUCKING CARES!”

Go here to check out his posts: http://www.metalsucks.net/tag/mike-conte/

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