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ENDSTAND Sign To Lifeforce Records

November 2, 2005

Lifeforce Records is proud to welcome Finnish powerhouse ENDSTAND to its family and the signing of a multiple album deal with the band. This explosive quintet connects drive, power and a good dose of melodies in between hardcore (of old AND new school), punk and rock ‘n roll and is showing another side of passionate, premium hardcore-music, LIFEFORCE is best known for.

The release of ENDSTAND’s as yet unitled Lifeforce debut is scheduled for March 2006.

ENDSTAND is heading out for a full European Tour by the beginning of next week.

Stefan Luedicke, Lifeforce CEO and president comments: “I’m very happy to welcome (back) ENDSTAND to the family, a band I started my work in the music business with seven years ago on my old label Impression Records. This and the fact I consider the people in the band as personal friends makes me proud to work with them on their next albums.”

Vocalist Janne comments the deal: “Well, what can i say. Feels like it’s a new start for the band - we got a new drummer early this year and that’s been a huge kick in the whole band’s ass! With that line-up change we got so much new energy and talent to the band, feels like we’re totally unstoppable now! On last tour we did one year ago we started to talk about maybe doing our next release on a new label who could promote us more so we would get the attention we think we deserve.

“We’ve been doing the band for ten years now and feel more confident with this all than ever before. The new songs we’ve done for the next album are so damn intense, can’t wait to get to record them! And knowing that more people will be able to find us through Lifeforce has made us try even harder.

“Signing to a label that is more known for metal than hardcore, which is the style we play, is kind of a risk, but we’re willing to take it. We’ve never been the band taking the easy way out and we believe that when you do something well enough, people will find it, no matter what. Day After, the label we were on before is more known as an ’emo’ label, now we’ll be on metal label - We are a hardcore band with open minds and hope that the people will be smart enough to check us out even we may sound different than the most of our label buddies.”