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England's SOLSTICE Ready to Release Comeback Album

January 14, 2014

Into the Void Records (a division of Invictus Productions) sets February 10th as the international release date for Death’s Crown is Victory, the long-awaited (13 years to be exact) comeback record from legendary epic/doom metallers SOLSTICE (UK).

Founder member Rich Walker originally put the band on ice in 2002, but began putting the pieces back together in 2007, although it took him until 2011 to begin to find musicians who were of the same mindset and not faint-hearted. He was joined by Andy Whittaker (ex-THE LAMP OF THE THOTH), Paul Kearns (ex-ARCANE SUN), Ian “Izak” Buxton (ex-CHORUS OF RUIN) and James Ashbe.

Recorded at GN Studios in Huddersfield by Kerry Hughes, and mixed and mastered by Rich Whittaker (responsible for some of today’s biggest remastering/remix work, such as BLACK SABBATH, THE WHO, THE CLASH) at FX MasteringDeath’s Crown is Victory is a step towards a more natural and live production for the band as they try to capture their onstage sound.

Further recordings will see them take this direction again and to whatever logical conclusion it reaches, as the band are now in the writing process of their next record, To Sola Thane.