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Epitaph Records to Reissue TURBONEGRO Back Catalogue

January 22, 2003

In a press release from Epitaph Records:
TURBONEGRO’s back-catalogue albums Ass Cobra (1996) (hailed by many as “the punk rock album of the last Decade) and Apocalypse Dudes (“the rock ’n roll album of the Decade” according to THE BEASTIE BOYS’ homegrown magazine Grand Royal) (1998) are being re-released by Epitaph / Burning Heart Records on February 25, 2003. The classic albums are the perfect warm-up to the upcoming new album Scandinavian Leather that will be released in May, 2003.

The story of TURBONEGRO is the story of a band that did everything as wrong as possible, a band with no career strategy, no promotion, no media plan and no sales points whatsoever. Instead they chose a most “non-media” band name, an impossible homosexual image, intricate symbolism (or, then again, perhaps not: singer Hank Von Helvetes trademark ritual of firing a bottle rocket out of his buttocks at the end of each show may actually not have much meaning) and an in-your-face attitude and sound that created more than a fair share of obstacles on their rocky road to ruin. But at the same time it is the story of the band that sparked the Scandinavian Rock Explosion

Having released a series of low-budget but high quality records throughout the span of their career, TURBONEGRO built a huge following across the globe, a denim-clad underground army calling themselves Turbojugend. Several notable names are to be found in the ranks of the Turbojugend, which in turn sparked the Alpha Motherfuckers - A Tribute to TURBONEGRO Compilation (2001), including contributions by notabilities as diverse as QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, THERAPY?, SATYRICON, HIM, HOT WATER MUSIC, THE SUPERSUCKERS, THE DWARVES, and NASHVILLE PUSSY.

TURBONEGRO were ahead of their time. It was obvious to those who experienced them first hand or bought their albums when they were initially released. In the years the band broke up completely, instead of being forgotten, their album sales increased. Chapters of the Turbojugend - the faithful - multiplied throughout the world. With no band, no touring, no nothing but rehab and state-controlled medication, the legacy of their dazzling display of talent grew stronger.

Eventually, TURBONEGRO were asked to reform to play some huge festivals. Rested, they agreed to play limited shows. The magic was there - the thousands in attendance automatically became fans. Slowly, the band agreed. Yes, they would reform. Yes, they would record new albums.”