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Equal Vision Records Sign SKY EATS AIRPLANE

March 21, 2008

Albany, NY based Equal Vision Records is proud to welcome Fort Worth, TX electronic-hardcore act, SKY EATS AIRPLANE to its roster.

The five-piece recently recorded a 10-track set with producer Brian McTernan at his studio in Baltimore, MD. “We’ve matured a lot ”“ and for the best ”“ since the last record,” says guitarist Lee Duck, comparing the current sound to that of their self-produced E.P., Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day. “It’s more technical. You’ll hear a lot of polyrhythm’s and odd time signatures with many dynamic changes but overall, we are modest with our ‘heaviness’,” describes guitarist Zack Ordway. On working with McTernan, Ordway says “it was really easy working with Brian. I felt like he and I were on the same page most of the time.” Duck continues, “it was amazing to work with someone who could help us find our sound without trying to make us someone weren’t. Three demos from the forthcoming release are currently posted on the band’s Myspace. An album title and release date are TBA.

What can the music world expect from SKY EATS AIRPLANE in the future? “What you will be hearing from us will truly be music straight from the source ”“ unaltered from any corporate businessmen worrying about the sales figures more than the quality of music,” answers Duck. “One of our main concerns with choosing a record label was having the creative freedom only a label such as Equal Vision could give us. We couldn’t be any happier with our choice to team up with Equal Vision.”