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EVILE Enters the Studio and Invites Fans to Submit Questions

May 6, 2009

Fresh from wrapping up their latest UK tour, the members of EVILE have entered the studio to record the yet-to-be-titled follow up album to their 2007 debut, Enter the Grave. Produced by Russ Russell (NAPALM DEATH, DIMMU BORGIR) and set for release later this year, EVILE’s new album promises to be a pure ass kicker according to guitarist, Ol Drake: “Today is the day we start recording our second album with Mr Russ Russell. The non-stop writing and improving upon already written material has been constant and grueling, but I absolutely can’t wait to get all this down and let everyone blast it out at 11.”

While holed up in the studio, Ol and the rest of EVILE are counting on YOU to keep their wits sharp after enduring long days of multiple takes by sending questions to their MySpace page. “We’ve set up another “Ask EVILE” feature via the Myspace blog where you can ask us any questions you want while we’re in the studio;” says Ol, who adds. “Keep your eyes peeled for updates on track listing, artwork (oh yes!) and other general album-y things.”

Send your questions to EVILE and keep up with the latest info on the new album by going to their official MySpace blog:

You can also leave EVILE a message by calling them FREE through TheLiveLine at (866) 953-8453. Find out more about how to receive the latest updates and how to speak with EVILE through TheLiveLine by going to

Get a taste of the upcoming album as EVILE performs their brand new track, “Demolition” live from Manchester on April 17th. Watch the video at