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EXTOL Announce New Guitarists

September 9, 2004

Norway’s EXTOL have announced the addition of guitarists Tor Glidje and Ole Halvard Sveen, replacing the departed Ole Børud and Christer Espevoll. The official announcement reads as follows:

“After our two guitarists (Ole and Christer) left the band in February this year, we pretty much found ourselves standing on bare ground in the search for new, dedicated members, but also in the direction to take musically. The vision of the band burned stronger than ever, and so we needed guitarists and songwriters who were willing to give their all for EXTOL and that would fit into the band on a more personal level as well.

“It’s therefore our privilege to announce Tor Glidje and Ole Halvard Sveen as the new, permanent guitarists in EXTOL. As many of you already know, Tor already contributed in EXTOL on bass and guitar throughout the Undeceived era, and both he and Ole Halvard are considered the masterminds behind the black metal cult act LENGSEL and the super-energic rock-band GANGLIÓN. We are deeply honored to have them in our unit and hereby we welcome them into the EXTOL-family.

“The new line-up has proven very successful so far, as we have been working closely together the last five months on EXTOL’s fourth full-length album. We are currently finding ourselves in Antfarm Studio in Denmark, where we are mixing the new material and adding the final touch to the album.”