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FEAR FACTORY: New Album Near Completion; Sample Posted

December 30, 2003

FEAR FACTORY guitarist, Christian Olde Wolbers, posted the following studio report with a short sample from the band’s forthcoming new album, Archetype:

“What the fuck is up FF Soldiers?! Merry Fucking X-mas y’all!! Ho ho ho! Just got back from Vancouver. Mixing is almost done…just doing some final vocal mixes and Rhys [Fulber, producer] just finished up ‘Ascension’ (final outro track). We’ll be mastering with Howie Weinberg (PANTERA, DEFTONES, RAMMSTEIN, etc.) on the 6th [of January] in NYC. And then this record is DONE!!!!

Ray [Herrera, drummer] and I and our tech’s will be setting up pre production for the rehearsals starting after X-mas,and then we are out to Australia to support KORN which is gonna be a blast! I’m gonna hook you guys up with your X-mas present! A newer clip from ‘Cyberwaste’! Just remember…it’s gonna sound better than this when Howie gets his dirty’s on the mixes!

“Also we got a hookup with Alienware Computers (sickest laptops and CPU’s in the world!), and we bought a digital videocamera…so we’ll be able to put live footage from tours on our website instantly the same night! We’ll try to record as much of funny outtakes and slam all that shit together some on the enhanced part of the album and the rest of the Archetype touring cycle on a DVD… Like how we all used to watch them killer fucking PANTERA DVD’s (rip)! Them things fucking ruled! I never liked the Digital Connectivity DVD we put out and this time we are gonna do it right! And in 5.1 surround sound! JEWEL!!! The whole album will be mixed in 5.1 surround sound in January or February!

“I know all you guys are hungry for this album, but these things take a lot of time, and Liquid 8 our label is really behind setting up this puppy to make it grow into a big DAWGGGG!!! Everybody at our label is just as hungry like we are!

“Speaking about hungry, Raymond ate a $20 hamburger the other day…the size of this head! He gained a lot of respect in that burgerjoint! Hahah!

“We be shooting a video as well and we have been talking to Rage who did the latest HATEBREED video, which looks raw!!! Just the type of thing we need! We are thinking about possibly inviting a couple hundred kids to the shoot to fuck it up! Can’t wait!

“Looks like this year is gonna be a very exciting touring year! We’ve been in talks with several bands about FF opening up for them. Let me tell you, if these tours happen these will be some of the sickest fucking tours in 2004!!! And tell whoever says any different to eat a bowl…of shit!”