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Ferret Music to Offer Hellfest 2002 DVD Exclusively

June 21, 2003

Ferret Music friends Highroller Studios will have their newest effort, the Hellfest 2002 DVD, available for the first time at this year’s Hellfest. If you can’t pick it up in person, don’t start worrying because for the entire month of July, it will be available exclusively from the Ferret webstore.

The double DVD is packed with the stuff you’ve come to love about Hellfest: barrier free chaos, tons of bands, head walking, and finger crunching madness. It’s just sick.

Check out the trailer at and click over to to order the DVD now, ‘cause outside of Hellfest, you won’t find it anywhere else.

Hellfest 2002 DVD contains these bands plus more:
BLOODLET - “Brainchild
DIECAST - “Solace
FREYA - “Carpe Diem
OPEN HAND - “626
NORA - “For the Travellers
EVERYTIME I DIE - “The Logic of Crocodiles
BANE - “Give Blood
FOUND DEAD HANGING - “The Places We Go To Die Are Never Far From Home
BLEEDING THROUGH - “Just Another Pretty Face
COHEED AND CAMBRIA - “Everything Evil
THE HOPE CONSPIRACY - “Truth and Purpose
THE RISE - “The Fallacy of Retrospective Determinism
REACH THE SKY - “Maybe Next Year
TERROR - “Life and Death
FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES - “Short Stories with Tragic Endings
STRETCH ARM STRONG - “Means to an End
SHAI HULUD - “Set Your Body Ablaze
BURNT BY THE SUN - “Dracula with Glasses
THE PROMISE - “My True Love
DEATH THREAT - “Dead at Birth
MERAUDER - “Master Killer
EIGHTEEN VISIONS - “Motionless in White
THROWDOWN - “Raise Your Fist
LAMB OF GOD - “Black Label
HATEBREED - “I Will Be Heard