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Former THE CROWN Frontman Announces New Band

December 23, 2004

Johan Lindstrand, former singer for THE CROWN, has launched a new project carrying the name ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET. Lindstrand posted the following announcement on the band’s official site:

“In these dark days when people are shooting metal icons in cold blood it may seem stupid and insignificant to start doing promotion for your new band but I personally think it’s the best time.

“The world isn’t nice. It’s full of hatred and disgust and these bullshit matters must be crushed. What better way to kill the filth than to start a new metal band with new followers that can support the good things in life.

“Yeah, no matter what happens, if you’re lucky enough to be alive, life is there for you to grab and do something with. It’s not gonna wait for you. That’s what I felt when forming this band.

“I had so much positive energy and I felt nothing can stop me.

“I think that feeling is reflected in how the songs turned out.

“Yeah, you’re right, this is the new band with me as lead singer and four other metalheads playing all the sick tunes. Those other four members will be announced in a near future as the band’s not complete yet. ??? ???? We’re almost done with a promo CD that hopefully will get the band a record deal.

“The songs are killer and I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t happen. Well, time will tell.”

“Some of you might have been waiting for some demo update. Well, I’m here to give you some candy dudes.

“During some time now I’ve been recording both drums and rhythm guitar in a very good local studio called Deadline studios and Valle Adzic of IMPIOUS has engineered this beauty called ‘When Hatred Comes to Life’. This will be extremely FAT and powerful considering it’s just a demo. I can’t wait to send it to the labels. ???? ??????

“I’ve also just started to do the vocals. One song finished so far. Five to go. Great to be back where I belong.

“Bass and leads will be recorded within the next couple of weeks. ????? ???? 2022 Who cares about Christmas, right?”

Songs set to appear on the When Hatred Comes to Life promo/demo are as follows:
01. “No Apparent Motive
02. “When Hatred Comes to Life
03. “In The Kings Care
04. “The Sweetness of Black
05. “Branded By Iron

Check out a short video clip of “When Hatred Comes to Lifehere.