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France's BLUT AUS NORD To Make U.S. Debut May 18th

April 1, 2004

Candlelight Records confirms May 18 as the U.S. debut for the new album from France’s BLUT AUS NORD. Titled The Work Which Transforms God, it is the fifth recording from this obscure black metal band.

Recorded, mixed and produced by the band at Earthsound Studios in ChÖ-Ling, The Work Which Transforms God will be for most their introduction to this highly innovative and, until now, under recognized band. The album is “a harrowing epic that is as equally bleak as it is grandiose, recently described as the musical equivalent of MAYHEM sodomizing NEUROSIS with a GODFLESH joystick.”

Band leader Vindsval says of the new album, “We wanted to create a new form of black metal; it’s a feeling for us, not a defined style. We have assimilated the laws of music and now we want to use this knowledge to demolish the musical theory and invent a new form of (dis)harmony. We have no limits in this exploration of real unsane sound and we have no references because we are alone on this way.”

Formed in 1994, then as a one-man project known in small circles as VLAD, BLUT AUS NORD have amassed a sizeable recording history that has relatively remained out of reach of U.S. audiences. The band has released six albums to date with participation on two additional works, 2003’s Tribute to GODFLESH and an upcoming split recording with REVERANCE.

Track listing for The Work Which Transforms God:
The Choir of the Dead
The Fall
The Supreme Abstract
Our Blessed Frozen Cells
Devilish Essence
The Howling of God
Inner Mental Cage
Procession of the Dead Clowns