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FRANTIC BLEEP Complete Album; Release Date Set

December 3, 2004

Norway’s FRANTIC BLEEP have recently completed work on their debut album, The Sense Apparatus. The album cover can be viewed here. The release is scheduled for a February 8th, 2005 release via The End Records. Their label states, “The band shows a remarkable development in the new album, and further pushes the boundaries of post black metal with elaborate nuances of dark and dramatic arrangements and multi layers in both the vocal and guitar department!”

The Sense Apparatus tracklisting:
1. “A Survey
2. “The Expulsion
3. “Sins of Omission
4. “But a Memory
5. “Mausolos
6. “Curtainraiser
7. “Mandaughter
8. “Nebolous Termini
9. “Cone