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FRANTIC BLEEP Prepares To Record Debut Album

October 1, 2003

One of The End Records’ latest signings, FRANTIC BLEEP, are entering the studio on Saturday, October 4th to spend the entire weekend getting sounds ready and starting the actual tracking process Monday, October 6th. FRANTIC BLEEP has been described as a cross between DEATH, CYNIC, and BORKNAGAR. The band has said they will go for a sound that is big and powerful, holding nothing back. The arrangements of the songs are finished, and a tentative track listing is as follows:

  1. A Survey
  2. The Expulsion
  3. …But A Memory
  4. Curtainraiser
  5. Mausolos Nephew
  6. Mandaughter
  7. Sins of Omission
  8. Nebulous Termini
  9. Cone

Additional info can be found at their official website,