GIANT SQUID Preparing For South Park Music Festival, ISIS Show

Austin, Texas-based eclectic doom rock band, GIANT SQUID, will be making the long haul to South Park, Colorado this weekend to play the showcase at this year’s South Park Music Festival. More than 120 bands from all over the world are converging on the tiny town of South Park, which sits at 10,000 feet elevation, and is the real life city that inspired the infamous cartoon of the same name. About the upcoming showcase, GIANT SQUID singer/guitarist Aaron Gregory comments, “GIANT SQUID will be revealing their new band members, Kimberly Freeman (keyboards) and Scott Sutton (drums), who have been working diligently to prepare for this event, as well as the band’s opening slot with one of their all-time favorite bands, ISIS, at Emo’s in Austin, Texas on September 13th, 2006.”

“I think we will all really enjoy seeing some mountains again, almost all of us being native Californians who are still adjusting to Texas’ flatness. South Park will be like a mini-vacation for all of us, as long as we don’t pass out trying to rock too hard at that elevation. It couldn’t be a better way though to prepare our new guy and gal before the ISIS gig we have as soon as we get home. I just hope people will be there to watch us at South Park since we will be driving 32 hours to play four songs!”

He adds, “The first waves of reviews on Metridium Fields, GIANT SQUID‘s debut release on The End Records have rolled in, and it’s pretty overwhelming the amount of praise they’ve washed up.”

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