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Glen Benton Comments on DEICIDE's Recent Signing

December 3, 2002

DEICIDE’s notorious frontman, Glen Benton, offered some comments on the band’s new record deal in a recent interview with Terrorizer magazine.

“We’d been talkin’ to ‘em for a while, man. We laid low for a little while and I talked to a lot of record companies, but Earache were the only ones to offer the deal that we wanted. We’ve been doin’ this for years and we need a deal that’s not all in the label’s favour.

“We signed the contract on Halloween day. We picked a good day for it. We signed for one record and we’ll see how it goes. If everyone’s happy, we’ll sign for another. We need a label to provide us with promotion, a label that’s glad to have us. It seems they wanna get all the extreme bands. They wanna support this shit and keep it goin'.

“I’d say we’ll be in the studio around March, but we’re touring to get some money up so we can live while we record. We’ve got more material than we know what to do with! Now we’re doing records for us so it’s back to the old thinking and the old ways of writing. We’re writing to beat all ??” that’s the way we do things. We’re going’ back to our roots ??” who cares about musical logic? Fuck musical logic.”

Benton also revealed some information regarding his rumored collaboration with death metallers VITAL REMAINS.

“I got a record called Dechristianized comin’ out in January with VITAL REMAINS. You should hear it ??” it’s got a lotta melodies in there, it’s really fast, brutal shit. When you hear it, you’ll be blown away. It’s what I was doin’ back in ‘88 or ‘89 ??" the vocal patterns aren’t melodic at all."