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God Save The Queen DVD Highlights 70's Punk Rock Era

October 20, 2005

Music Video Distributors and Cleopatra Records are pleased to announce the home viewing release of God Save The Queen - A Punk Rock Anthology for North American distribution on DVD.

This 75-minute DVD includes twenty-one live and studio performance video clips from the best old school punk bands. It’s a collection that best exemplifies roots punk rock of the 70s. From the US (IGGY & THE STOOGES, THE DEAD BOYS) to the UK (THE BUZZCOCKS, GENERATION X), this DVD covers some of the most influential punk rock anthems of all time.

DVD track listing:
01. DEAD BOYS ??" “Sonic Reducer” 02. JOHNNY THUNDERS ??" “Born To Lose” (with interview)
03. UK SUBS ??" “CID” 04. GERMS ??" “Media Blitz” 05. IGGY & THE STOOGES ??" “I Wanna Be Your Dog” 06. THE ADICTS ??" “Viva La Revolution” 07. BUZZCOCKS ??" “Boredom” 08. THE EXPLOITED ??" “Fuck The USA” 09. SUBHUMANS ??" “Big City” 10. Marky Ramone Talks About The RAMONES
11. DEAD KENNEDYS ??" “Police Truck” 12. VICE SQUAD ??" “Stand Strong, Stand Proud” (with interview)
13. GENERATION X ??" “Your Generation” (with interview)
14. TOY DOLLS ??" “Nellie The Elephant” 15. CHELSEA ??" “Right To Work” 16. X-RAY SPEX ??" “Identity” (with interview)
17. 999 ??" “Homicide” 18. BLITZ ??" “New Age” 19. GBH ??" “Generals” 20. GOLDBLADE ??" “Black Sheep Radical” 21. SHAM 69 ??" “Tell Us The Truth